It amazes me how many great tools you can find on the web! In this post I describe 4 of them. I hope you find them useful.

Decode and Encode Base64

I know it is only a line of two of coding, but this comes quite handy when you need to decode/encode base64 stuff: Copy & Paste and get results. Voila!

JSON Editor Online

New to JSON? If so, you will be happy to try out JSON Editor Online. Look at the screenshot below:


See? Two panes, with source code and structure tree. Very nice to analyze JSON snippets or experiment with JSON syntax.


Ever wanted to draw diagrams? I bet! The thing is that many tools can now convert simple ascii-art diagrams into nice looking images. Take for example Asciidoctor. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

So, the thing is you can create such ascii-art diagrams without any pain using the AsciiFlow tool. Try it out.



Plant Text harnesses power of Plant UML to create various diagrams.

I also used this tool for rapid prototyping of UI. Yeah, I know there are much more powerful tools for this, but sometime PlantText is all I need.